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People ask me, "Why are you running for Trustee?"

I am running for this seat because public education is at a crossroads in this country. Increasingly, public education is under attack on multiple fronts, specifically from political groups and professional lobbyists that have financial and/or socioeconomic motivations to "reform" public education. Unfortunately, such "reforms" will only result in the loss of local control and further divide our country along sociopolitical lines.

As an educator, parent, and ardent supporter of public education, I will use my knowledge and experience to assist all 21,500 Allen ISD students to succeed.

I feel that as an educator, I will provide a wealth of experience and add to the dialogue of our "Team of Eight." In addition, I will serve as a voice of reason and experience when making informed decisions.

I spend 226 days a year in schools. I work daily with teachers, students, parents, and community stakeholders. I do not shy away from tough decisions, and I am well known for being firm, fair, and consistent in my decision-making. I will work tirelessly for your children and our great community. Our children are why I do what I do - EVERY DAY. I will ensure a strong future for all students of Allen ISD.

Thank you.

---  Dr. Bill Parker


What makes Dr. Bill Parker qualified to serve Allen ISD?

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