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My husband and I both have taught with Bill Parker for years upon years in RISD. I’ve found my forever home at Allen High School teaching 11th grade Social Studies and mentoring students at our Dillard Achieving Center these last 5 years. Bill is a leader with every step he takes. He is motivational and encouraging, even when you don’t think anyone sees you need help…Bill Parker sees it….he ‘gets it’. We aspire to be more like him in our classrooms, lead others as he does as principal and could not want anyone to help lead Allen ISD more than him! Help Bill Parker find his forever home too! — Catie Quirk

Public Education has become a Political Battleground that forgets the Goal should not be agendas on the far right or far left but the majority of students that sit in the middle of this see saw who need to be taken care. Dr. Parker is that voice of reason that lives this cause everyday and understands the Real Purpose…… OUR STUDENTS. — Brent Morton

Dr. Bill Parker is one of those rare, well-rounded, people in education. He is not just a passionate supporter of students and teachers, he also cares deeply for the community as well. He has a unique ability to balance the needs of the teachers, the students, the parents and the administration as a whole. — Shawn Strait

As a lawyer and as a teacher I have found that there are places where partisan politics should never be allowed to infect: 1) our judicial branch and 2) public education. There are those within our communities who are actively engaging in an attempt to infect these areas with their partisan venom and if we allow them to sink their fangs into these areas it will be our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren who will suffer. Our local election is the frontline. Being on the frontline means we need a leader who is honest, will look out for the squad as a whole and not just themselves or any small faction, and can be trusted to make decisions that are best for the squad and not just themselves or any small faction. Therefore, the person I want leading us on the frontline is Dr. Bill Parker. Dr. Parker served his country as a Marine and after his service he went into education because our future rests on the shoulders of our kids. I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill for 4 years. He is not chained to any partisan agenda. He is honest and straightforward. He places the needs of his community before his own needs and will make decisions that are best for Allen ISD. And he will serve with honesty and integrity. So, if you are tired of manufactured fear; if you are sick of partisan politics infecting the education system; if you are feeling weary from all the conspiracy theories then Dr. Bill Parker is your man for Place 2, Allen ISD Board of Trustees. — Christopher Bufkin

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