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Hello –

My name is Dr. Bill Parker, and I am running for Place 2 on the Allen ISD Board of Trustees.  I have been an educator since 2007 and have served as a teacher, campus administrator, and district level administrator in a large ISD.  I hold a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with a research focus on School Finance and Education Law. 

My deep desire is to serve the Allen ISD community as a member of the "Team of Eight," entrusted to make the best decisions for our students, faculty, staff, and community. 

As an educator, I work daily with students, team members, parents, and other experts to set, measure, and evaluate educational goals. 

The office of a trustee is supposed to be a nonpartisan position.  For that reason, I choose to decline any form of endorsement, financial contribution, or tangible support from partisan political groups or PACs.  However, I want the residents of Allen ISD to know that I plan to serve ALL families with honesty, transparency, and the absence of partisan influence.

Please take a moment to visit my Facebook, and Twitter feeds to learn more about me.  I want to answer your questions and will set up a meet and greet soon. We would appreciate any form of support that you can provide.

Public education is our greatest hope for the future, and I will serve ALL of Allen; ALL students, ALL community members, and ALL faculty and staff.

Vote for Dr. Bill Parker, BECAUSE - EXPERIENCE - MATTERS!

Thank you.

---  Dr. Bill Parker 


But because I vow to be honest and open with the voters of Allen ISD, I must share this information as well:

I am so grateful for the life experiences that have brought me to this point.  There have been many ups and downs.  I loved my time in the Marines, as a nurse, medical consultant, business owner, and now educator.  The biggest valleys in my life have involved alcohol.  In 2006, I was found guilty of driving while intoxicated and illegal possession of a firearm by a CHL holder (an automatic add-on for which I received deferred adjudication).  While the facts of that incident were more complex than me driving while under the influence, there is no excuse.  A broken bone, surgery, medication, and alcohol affected me, and I should not have been behind the wheel.  After the incident in 2006, I looked closely at my struggles and made changes to my life.  On my own accord and without the knowledge or support of family, alcohol was not a part of my life for many years.

Ten years later and with my past problems far behind me, I was arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in 2016.  I took my case to trial and was convicted of DWI in 2017.  I served probation and fines in that case.  It was the lowest point in my life.

I used this incident to reflect on my life and the life of those around me.  Finally, I took control and worked to become the man I am now.  Through grace, mindfulness, and the love of my family, I am proud to overcome the issues that led to the incident and am grateful to have the life that I now have.

I am very thankful I am still able to make a difference in the lives around me through education.

I hope my experiences will help make other people dig deep to determine if their alcohol use interferes with their lives.  I hope people will seek safe rides home if they do drink.  I hope you, your friend, or your family-member has the support and love I have now-because without my family, friends, and second and third chances, I would not have been able to overcome this obstacle. 

Two DWIs? How does someone get in trouble twice for driving while intoxicated?  That is a good question.  That is what I asked myself after my second DWI.  The truth is DWI recidivism is between 11-69% in various states (NTSB).  For me, my first felt like a lifetime ago and while I made changes immediately after, those changes waned and I found myself drinking again.  The second was the worst time of my life.  With my family and friends supporting me, I have made the necessary changes to never allow this to happen again.  I am lucky and thankful that nobody was hurt, and that I can say with 100% certainty, this will never be me again. 

Please reach out to find help if you or someone you love needs it. 

CDC Alcohol and Public Health Resources: is a foundation working toward eliminating drunk driving and lifelong responsible alcohol use.

CDC Alcohol and Public Health Resources:


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